Erika is a Colombian-Canadian designer based in Montreal, Quebec with a background in Product, Fashion, Set & Costume Design. She is passionate about exploring forms, colours, costumes, dolls and the connection between people through storytelling by doing a constant research and exploration of construction techniques that help her feed her work continually.

Graduated from the National School of Theatre of Canada in Set and Costume Design, she has worked as Costume/Set designer and assistant for both english and french productions including Cloud Nine directed by Alisa Palmer, 7 Stories directed by Philip Akin, Maudite Guerre directed by Simon Lacroix and New Words Festival directed by Sarah Garton Stanley and Rose Plotek.

Her work in theatre includes Costume design assistant and seamstress for designers Diana Uribe and Elen Ewing in various projects such as Shakespeare at the Park's Measure for Measure, Persephone Bound, Heritage et Les Amoureaux.

Her latest theatre projects include costume designer for Teesri duniya Theatre's Counter Offence, directed by Arianna Bardesonno, costume designer for La Roulotte's production of Le Nez, written and directed by Philippe Robert and costume designer for Repercussion Theatre's All shall be Well, directed by Rebecca Gibian.

When she is not working in theatre projects, she loves spending her time making doll couture at different scales based on original designs as well as interpretations of animated, live action films and theatrical productions, which is a passion she revived from her childhood the past few years. She loves exploring techniques of miniature construction, pattern making, the use of fabrics and other materials at a miniature scale and everything about the art form that is the doll. She is a fan of all pop culture and films which has driven her to the crate some cosplays inspired on exciting and challenging characters for herself and other people.

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